The Must-Try Dishes from Every State 

A tourist to the United States should not leave without sampling the "signature dish" of each state. 

At other times, it's precisely because of the cuisine that visitors decide to visit that location.  

It has a long history of being caught in the state's rivers and is typically paired with coleslaw or hush puppies, two snacks made of deep-fried cornmeal batter.  

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It's widely acknowledged that Alabama is known for its crispy fried catfish.  

Try it out at David's Catfish House in Atmore; it's a welcoming Southern restaurant that's part of a chain in the area and gets great reviews. 

Not only is it a tremendous undertaking to capture these big crabs, but it is an even greater achievement to crack them open.  

The sugary, juicy meat is already delicious, but that simply enhances it.  

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