The Ugly Truth About Twin Flame Love

They don't tell you how strongly you'll fall in love. No one warns you how turbulent that love would be, how you will be mysteriously bound as if you had no choice.

 the Universe says you have no other option. No matter how long or often you break up, you were supposed to fall in love and be one.

Twin flames are one soul in two bodies. Twin flames see themselves in each other. You pair beautifully like yin and yang. You're a pair.

, no one describes this love. Nobody discusses the harsh truth. You'll love each other unconditionally, but you'll also confront hardships you never expected.

Because a twin flame brings out your subconsciously suppressed parts, you are in a relationship with yourself. 

They inspire you to face your greatest insecurities, doubts, and internal battles by knowing them. to study. to learn.

No one tells you twin flame relationships are the worst moment of your life. 

Face your dark side to heal, forgive, and empathize. You can only understand and appreciate yourself this way.

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