These 5 Signs of the Zodiac Will Forever Reject You

A Taurus is a proud sign that doesn't give their heart away easy, but when they do, they give it everything they've got. 

 Taurus  put their own needs before those of others, and once you've betrayed their confidence, there's no winning it back.

Leo They are proud people that want to get even when they are wronged. Leos are not the type to accept defeat gracefully, and they take being tricked very personally.

Leo, you can rest assured that they will never forgive you and will want quick vengeance.

If a Libra wants to maintain you in their life, they will always give you the benefit of the doubt and may overlook significant transgressions. 

When a Scorpio is used to being the center of attention, they don't take kindly to being the target of that attention.

Scorpio They take great pleasure in imparting "lessons," particularly concerning how you treat them. 

A Capricorn doesn't mind being on their own or facing challenges head-on because they have such a solid network of loved ones and friends behind them. 

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