Those Zodiacs Who Aren't Shy of Going Cold Turkey 

A few of us stick around. It is our hope that our exes will remain friendly after a breakup.  

Sign of the Ram  People born under the sign of Aries are famously quick to move on from setbacks.  

Two days after the breakup, they're probably still hanging out with their pals as if nothing happened, regardless of who dumped them.  

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Taurus  Although Taureans commit fully when they feel they've discovered the one, they don't maintain contact with their exes, making breakups especially painful for them.  

As a kind of self-care, a Taurus who is secretly emotional may choose to unfollow their ex on all social media platforms.  

A scorpion  Scorpios have a tendency to get quite aggressive when they feel offended.  

It makes little difference to them if the pain is caused by a toxic relationship, a cruel relative, or a painful breakup.  

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