Three casserole recipes to bring back

Despite their French name, casseroles are a category of recipes that take their name from the container in which they are prepared.

 similar to paella, rather than a recipe with strict ingredients and preparation invented by a particular person. 

We know that casseroles were affordable during the Depressions of the 1890s and 1930s in the US because their vegetables and carbohydrates made a small portion of meat or fish more filling. 

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low cost and nutritious describes these dishes as being based on one-two-three-ingredient recipes that convenience food cooks could easily master. 

 Pyrex, Heinz, Campbell's, and Hunt's promoted their products with simple recipes.

Traditional casseroles include Tetrazzini, with spaghetti and a creamy mushroom sauce made with leftover turkey or roast chicken; Tater Tots Hotdish

 with mashed sweet potato, pecans, and marshmallows; green bean casserole, with green beans, mushrooms, and plenty of fried onions; and co.

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