Top 7 Intelligent Dog Breeds

The smartest dog breed is the border collie, according to The Intelligence of Dogs, which assesses 131 breeds. Proof needed? Chaser, a South Carolina border collie, knew almost 1,000 words.

Poodles are German water retrievers, not French. Curly hair requires styling, thus it's considered high-maintenance. 

Coren ranks German shepherds as the second most intelligent herding dogs and the third most intelligent overall.

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Canine intelligence goes beyond brainpower. Golden retrievers are No. 4 because they follow their masters' orders.

A German tax collector with spare time in the off-season and a desire to breed the perfect canine protector produced the highly intelligent and trainable Doberman pinscher.

Shetlands are little herding dogs that can accomplish everything a larger one can but eat less. So they were bred as the "collie's little cousin." 

A descendent of the St. John Dog and a relative of the Newfoundland, the Labrador retriever was developed by 16th-century Newfoundlanders.

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