Top Dog Breeds for Intelligence

Coren says the average dog understands 160 words, and some can understand 250.

Dogs are very attentive to and responsive to us," told the AKC Alexandra Horowitz, head of Columbia University's Barnard College Dog Cognition Lab.

 An intelligent South Carolina border collie named Chaser could recognize over 1,000 words.

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AKC, which recognized the breed in 1995, calls the border collie "smart, affectionate and energetic" and a "remarkably bright workaholic."

Poodles are German water retrievers, not French. Curly hair requires styling, so it's considered high-maintenance.

 Coren considers the poodle the second smartest dog breed after the border collie.

The dogs may look fancy, but they've delivered supplies to soldiers on the battlefield during wartime.

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