Top laziest dog breeds

If you have the room for a large dog, don't mind a little bit of drool, and have time for the grooming, then one of these loving, lazy canines may be the appropriate fit for you

Grayhounds are well-known for their ability to run at fast speeds, yet after a leisurely stroll through the park, there is nothing a greyhound enjoys

Basset Hounds The Basset Hound is a breed that is known for getting along well with both children and other animals. Their innocent puppy eyes convey the gentle

Chow Chows As long as their minds are kept active, these shrewd canines are quite content with less physical activity than other breeds require. 

They require a significant amount of grooming in addition to additional attention and care when it is hot outside.

Bernese Mountain Dogs These magnificent large dogs don't require a lot of activity throughout the day; however, you should watch out that they don't get too sedentary 

It has come as quite a surprise to the people who own Labradors, as these dogs are known for their high level of friendliness and boundless energy.

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