Venus Retrograde and Your Zodiac Sign 

 Aries  You may need to examine those people who may not have your best interests at heart. Because you're not getting the affection or respect you want, 

Taurus Focus on finances. Rethink your spending and priorities. Avoid rash judgments and prioritize

Gemini Suppressing your emotions has hurt you. Resolve conflicts and speak what's on your mind now. Be mindful of your tone and objectives. 

Cancer To start a new chapter, heal and let go of the past. You can take baby steps toward letting go or healing. 

Leo You can achieve objectives and desires easily. This may allow professional progression and change. Everyone wants to work with you or ask for your advice on new ventures

Virgo, you may need to reevaluate your values. Examine your values and relationships

Libra, you love balance and harmony, yet you can't find it in your life. Your priorities are either job or relationships. 

Scorpio You seem tired of playing the field. You're terrific at it, but it's becoming uninteresting and unfulfilling. Stability and monogamy are good goals for now. 

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