Very Clingy (and Devoted) Velcro Dog Breeds

Going to work all day or even rushing to the mailbox might make you feel guilty.

Here are fifty of the most lovable velcro dog breeds if you're in the market for one.

If Fido is dozing off all over you on the couch, you should exercise extreme caution and never, ever get up from that position. 

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Frenchies are one of the most popular small breed dogs because they're friendly, loyal, and quiet. 

They are smart and playful, cuddly companions with big, mopey eyes who enjoy a leisurely stroll in the city park or a lazy afternoon on the couch.

Sometimes we want to come home to a happy, excited little creature scurrying around our feet, begging for love.

 This breed is bonded to its human friends and follows them everywhere.

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