Veterinarians list 7 ways you may unknowingly stress your dog.

Freshpet veterinarian Gerardo Perez-Camargo, vice president of research and development, told Business Insider that sunglasses and hats can upset dogs.

According to veterinarian Mary Gardner, cofounder of veterinary hospice Lap of Love, moving furniture around the house might disturb certain dogs, especially elderly or visually impaired ones. 

Sara Ochoa, DogLab veterinarian and veterinary consultant, told BI that staring at your dog may stress them out.

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Locking your dog in a loving embrace can be tempting, but it can make dogs anxious. 

Loud music or technology can overwhelm dogs and impair their hearing, said veterinarian Jessica Kirk. 

Even beautiful dog clothes like sweater vests can stress dogs, Kirk added. 

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