What happens to cruises if the government shuts down?


Many citizens of the United States may be wondering how a government shutdown might affect their lives.

Potentially affected by a shutdown that might begin as early as October 1 are things like student loans, disaster relief money, and air travel.

However, not all types of travel will be impacted in the same way, so those who were worried about their cruise reservations may relax.

According to Stewart Chiron, often known as "The Cruise Guy," government shutdowns have historically not affected cruise itineraries.

After around two weeks without pay, airport security and air traffic controllers went on strike in 2019, causing increased wait times for passengers.

It's usually a good idea to arrive at your port of departure at least a day before your cruise, whether you're leaving during a shutdown or not.

Your itinerary's stops may also be affected. It's possible that national parks and other tourist destinations won't be open .

U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Coast Guard, and Transportation Security Administration agents are considered essential.