What it really means to be an 'old soul' ?


A child that acts much older than their years is sometimes said to have lived many lives before this one, a theory that lends itself.

 It's a positive comment, yet despite its intriguing qualities, it also has a shadowy aspect.

The prevalence of mental health problems and other emotional difficulties among people who were once labeled "old souls" as children is rising.

Some 'ancient souls,' contrary to popular belief, are created, and often through traumatic experiences.

Because their perspective and approach to life appear different from the norm, old souls frequently experience feelings of isolation and misfitting.

 Even if the concept of a "old soul" defies neat encapsulation, the following characteristics are widely held to be indicative of one.

You probably had a hard time connecting with other kids your age when you were a kid.

Old souls are known for, and oftentimes confident in, their extraordinary intuitive abilities. People with old souls have a natural ability.