What workout should you do?


It could be tempting to put off working out until 2024 with the upcoming holidays and the onset of cold weather.

However, studies demonstrate that there are simple, yet effective, exercises that may be started at any age and have benefits beyond just physical fitness.

The Guardian recently compiled the greatest exercises to undertake each decade, after reviewing numerous fitness studies .

It suggests, for instance, that busy adults in their thirties should choose online workouts they can fit in while watching their kids and working.

Studies have shown that mobility helps to prolong longevity, thus elderly people should choose activities that don't put too much strain on their bodies.

Less than half of British children (47%) are physically active for 60 minutes per day, according to a poll conducted in 2022.

According to that study, only 20% of American kids are physically active for at least an hour a day.

Pickleball, a sport played with a smaller paddle and racquet, has exploded in popularity among Millennials and Gen Z.