Where Did All of Our Favorite Sweets Emanate?


You may not have given much thought to the history of your favorite dessert, whether it's a tart Key lime pie or a smooth crème brûlée.

Your winning pudding, however, may have an interesting backstory, whether it was the result of a happy accident or the refined version of an old favorite.

The article below traces the history of 15 popular desserts from around the globe.Authentic Key lime pies are a staple of Florida cuisine.

 However, as is typical, the history of this sweet is murky. It has been widely believed since the 19th century that "Aunt Sally,".

William Curry, created the pie by making it with extra condensed milk. Surprisingly, though, not everyone agrees that Key lime pie originated in Florida.

The earliest known Key West, Florida, recipe dates all the way back to the year 1939. New York City's Borden Condensed Milk Company may have been the inspiration .

The original recipe for this dessert, which uses lemons but is otherwise traditional, was published in 1931.

 Historians in Key West have been digging for a native recipe that precedes Borden's but haven't found anything yet.