Why Siberian Huskies Make Excellent Protective Dogs 

Smart and watchful, Siberian huskies are the best of breeds.  

They are always alert and prepared to act quickly in response to even the smallest disturbance, such as a shift in the surrounding noise or light.  

Because of this, they are also quite adaptive, which is an important quality in a guard dog.  

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Furthermore, many Siberian huskies can divert attention away from a potential threat, preventing or de-escalating an attack, thanks to their energetic yet mild personalities. 

They may not physically attack or even chase away an attacker, but they will certainly make enough noise to make the intruder run away. 

The Siberian husky is a big, intimidating dog breed. 

Notwithstanding their mild demeanor, their boundless energy might be daunting due to their towering height.  

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