You Might Be a Bad Neighbour if You Are Guilty of These 11 Things

Late-Night Noise Pollution

Blasting music or hosting loud parties well into the night can disturb your neighbors' peace and quiet.

Neglected Yard

An overgrown lawn or piles of junk can drag down the appearance of the entire neighborhood.

Parking Woes

Hogging limited parking spaces or blocking driveways can earn you the reputation of an inconsiderate neighbor.

Pet Problems

Allowing your pets to constantly bark, roam, or relieve themselves in others' yards can create tension.

Trashy Habits

Leaving trash cans out for days or failing to clean up after your pets is a major no-no.

Property Neglect

Abandoned or poorly-maintained properties can bring down property values and upset your neighbors.

Privacy Invasion

Peeping into neighbors' windows or invading their personal space is a big breach of trust.

Constant Complaining

Being overly critical or complaining about every little thing can sour relationships.

Ignoring Safety

Neglecting home security or allowing your property to become a safety hazard can worry your neighbors

Unsightly Exterior

Loud paint colors or unconventional yard decorations might not sit well with the neighborhood's aesthetics.

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