Your Zodiac Sign and Venus Retrograde 2023


Venus returns to your fifth house of emotions, pleasures, and romance on July 22. 

Aries, revise your enjoyment. Are you having fun? Your happiness should revolve around you and your goals, regardless of what others think. 

Restart that pastime or attend a festival or concert with your companion. Summer is fun, but don't forget what makes you happy.

Venus, your chart ruler, will retrograde this month, bringing change to you and your family.

You don't like public shows of affection, but from now until October, you'll change how you express yourself privately and with family and housemates.

This may correlate with home renovations or family dynamics. Taurus, you must speak up now, even if it's privately.

Venus retrograde will change how you communicate thoughts and viewpoints. Your words express you best. You'll rethink your communication style till Sept.

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