Yummy Dessert Recipes Made with Cake Mix! 

Try some Nieman Marcus Bars—the most delicious and impossible-to-refrain cookie bars ever!  

Their incredibly velvety texture, achieved by combining a cake mix with a generous amount of delicious chocolate chips, will wow you.  

The sweet flavor of maraschino cherries is packed into this delicate and moist Cherry Chip Cake, making it irresistibly delightful.  

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And you know what? Cherry taste extends to the whipped topping as well! 

This exquisite delicacy will astound you with its ethereal and timeless flavor.  

Optimal aspect? Making it is a piece of cake. I can assure you that nothing will compare to this. 

The lemon taste in these cookies is delicious, and they're airy and beautiful to boot.  

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