Zodiac Sign Most Mischievous

Virgos are practical and pragmatic, but Stina Garbis, astrologer and proprietor of Psychic Stina, believes they may occasionally create a laugh.

Virgo is an unlikely sign to create mischief, but they do have their Mercury ruler, who is the mischief-maker of the gods," she tells Best Life

Scorpios can cause difficulties, but Garbis warns that they can be harsh.

Scorpios' mischief is more chaotic and will pit people against each other," she explains.They enjoy causing problems and watching it unfold

Aquarians are the ones who think outside the box," explains Your Zodiac CEO Raquel Rodriguez. They're independent and rebellious. 

Sagittarius is another "free spirit" sign who'll get into trouble if it's interesting.

Sagittarians are known for their sneaky antics," Nguen explains. "These thrill-seekers are always seeking new experiences and don't mind pushing limits. 

Leos entertain. Rodriguez believes Leos are fierce and passionate. "This can often translate into mischief, as they love being the center of attention 

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