Zodiac Signs That Might Have Love Difficulties This Valentine's Day 

Cancer  The emotional compass belongs to you, Cancer, the nurturer of the zodiac. 

You've never been one to hide your emotions, but this year, showing them has become more of a chore than an asset.  

Virgo  Your intellect is both your strength and your weakness, Virgo, and this is particularly true when it concerns sensitive emotional issues.  

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The pursuit of an ideal romantic relationship is like pursuing a mirage; you long for love that lives up to your lofty expectations.  

Your characteristic independence and daring spirit may feel more like constraints on Valentine's Day, Sagittarius. 

While you want for a love as boundless as the sky, you're stuck in a romantic rut, pining for a bond that can hold your intensity and propel you forward.  

There are plenty of chances and suitors; the problem is finding a companion to accompany you on the uncharted paths you desire to travel. 

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